Hi guys,

after my buddy used the diagnosis-tool, these are the error codes we found:

Fehlercode: 255
- Fehlercode nicht definiert.

Fehlercode: 17
Schlüssel 2
- Schlüsselcode unbekannt/nicht gespeichert.

Fehlercode: 65535
Schlüssel 1
- Schlüsselcode unbekannt/nicht gespeichert.

A rough translation into english:

Errorcode: 255
- Errorcode not defined.

Errorcode: 17
Key 1
- Keycode unknown/not saved

Errorcode 65535
Key 2
- Keycode unknown/not saved

I think it's like I guessed: Some short or broken wire is registered by the GM and sent to the EWS, which interpretes it as a break-in attempt and accordingly shuts everything down.

I have another question: If the EWS is engaged, does it also block the use of the power windows and the sunroof?
I could imagine that it just shuts down the entire GM.

Best regards from Germany!