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Thread: New to own car repairs

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    Default New to own car repairs

    Can you guys point me in the right direction of a good tool kit for working on the bimmer?

    I'm going to do my own repairs soon, which brands do you guys use?

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    Maybe we do it the other way round:
    you tell us what you want to do as DIY or backyard hack mechanic and what you have available in space or something else for the repair. For example a roomy garage, a carlift, jacks, or other items.
    To what expends do you want to repair. Just simple things like replacement of the usual wear parts like air filter, oil filter, spark plugs.
    Or are the the one who disassembles half an engine?
    Any knowledge about car electrics / electronics?

    Do you have repair book/manuals?
    I would start with buying for example a Bentley repair Manual, read it carefully and then decide what you think you can DIY or not.

    There can be an endless number of tools one can buy, but it all depends what skills and what other surroundings for repairs are available.
    My wife always says to me, we already have 2 or 3 of the wrenches. And my reply is always, yes but I need one with a little shorter handle , this or that.
    You can spend a furtune on tools, which you might only use once in your life.

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    Default Good one Shogun, I do allways buy new tools ...

    on "when needed" basis, then I can allways justify its price on the savings I obtain avoiding the shop.


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    Tool buying is a slippery slope, personally, I enjoy the ride! If just starting, definately get a good set of metric wrenches and sockets. Sears are decent quality, plenty of nearby Sears where I live and usually guaranteed. My small socket wrench needed replacement a few years ago, and, Sears replaced with no questions asked.

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    Default This is the benefit of Craftman Warranty, ...

    and quality enough for DIY.


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    any decent brand name socket set should suffice, get yourself both 6 & 12 point sockets. Also get a set of 1/2 drive metrics. Some NEW screwdrivers, not the old stuff with worn phillips ends, good wrench set, a couple C clamps for brakes, ramps, and a GOOD torque wrench (Kobalt from homo Depot). As for a decent jack thats still being debated...or did I miss the outcome? Should pickup an electronic voltmeter for trouble shooting too.
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