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Thread: Oil pressure warning light

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    Default Oil pressure warning light

    Had a call from a friend of a friedn who is looking to buy an '88 E34.
    Oil pressure warning light is on but car seems to be runnign fine.

    What should be checking for/replacing?
    Trevor (Sydney)

    00' 323iA (70,000 kms)

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    Default Easiest would be the sensor

    and that is the usual culprit. Also check the wire connection to there.

    Or is it only during the first seconds when engine is started?
    If so, go to my page below and then go to E32fixes.com
    There is something written with pics.
    Look for low oil pressure fix. Oil canister must be repaired.

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    Have him check the condition of the oil and if he drains it look at the filter.
    1990 BMW 535i 5 speed - Black on Grey, LSD

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