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Thread: what do you use to find vacuum leaks?

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    Default what do you use to find vacuum leaks?

    i have an atrocious vacuum leak (i think i can even hear the hiss), that's raising my idle. yesterday, i tried probing some of the hoses with an unlit propane torch to see if i could detect the leak. i thought that the procedure was seeming unfruitful, so i disconnected the FPR vacuum line and put it straight to the bottle. i could not notice any difference in idle speed. i have a can of starting fluid i was about to use, but decided against it when somebody told me that there's a high likelihood of fire if i try to use it for that purpose. anyone care to recommend something else or another procedure? TIA
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    i'd be interested in one too.
    tx guys =]

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    WD-40 can be used to find smallish leaks. Works by temporarily blocking the leak, idle improves momentarily when you find the leak.

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