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Thread: help with headrest fix

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    Default help with headrest fix

    hello everyone, i have just bought my 94 530I, and just found out the headrest do not work. when u try to move them you can hear the motor running but the headrest doesnt move. i searched and found the seat cable fix, my question is, i tryed to pull the black cord out of the top right motor but it doesnt seem to come out, do i have to undo the two screews that hold the black plate at the bottom, or do i just have to pull really hard.

    by the way this forum is great, thanks alot in advance.

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    Default Congrat's on the "new" ride . . .

    & welcome to the board.

    It's a pain to remove the 2 screws on the motor but they must be removed to get the cable out of the motor end. Pulling it out with brute force will only guarantee that it might break something or come out again by itself. A 1/4" ratchet with a short extension works. I forget how the cable is attached at the other end. Here's some more details:

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    Default Easier with the motor out...

    Use Gale's helpful page link and remove the motor from the seat. It's also a easier if the seat is out of the car (clean all that nasty mess on the carpet under the seat too!). Then you can access the seat back from a comfortable position. Gently tug on the leather and you can pull it off from the clips that attach it to the frame. Undue 4-5 attachments from the seat side and it's easy to access all the motor screws necessary to complete the job.

    I went with the 1/4"-3/8" long coat hanger method and it worked fine.




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