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Thread: e34s in Iraq

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    Default e34s in Iraq

    Hi. I'm in Baghdad, and since the e34 is probably the best popular car over here (other choices being some early-1990s toyota corona/super saloons; 84-87 passat; ex-police/taxi caprices), I'm driving one. Trying to collect more for the company, always.

    I was wondering if anyone had any standard procedures for sand/heatproofing the e34. I've started to see some overheating issues on a 520i just in from germany, so i'm going to go through the standard checklist, replace the oil with local appropriate oil, etc.

    We also have fuel problems over here, so I'm staying with the I6es. My goal is to somehow find a 535i in good condition, or at least stick with big-block I6, but 520i have been slightly more plentiful. If there are any good mods to the I6 to make it more tolerant of bad (dirty, high sulfur, low additive, low octane) fuel, that would be great.

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    How are things there in Baghdad? Hope you're seeing improvements in all respects.

    I can't really give you any advise on handling the sand there, I supose a new radiator would be appropriate (depending on milage and what all might be embeded in the darn thing), and making sure you don't have plastic impellers on your M50 water pump (if you end up with one of those models). Also, BMW coolant is the best I undserstand because of appropriate additives they use specific to their cars. Hope all goes well, and maybe post a pic of an E34 in front of something cool and recognizable there in Baghdad!

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    I would try using a lower temperature thermostat (so it opens at lower temperatures), and using more water than anti-freeze as coolant. Instead of half/half, go with 75% distilled water.

    For low octane fuel... if you raised the static fuel pressure it might prevent detonations, but increase gas useage. You could also buy a box to retard timing a bit. Or have MarkD supply you guys with custom chips to handle crappy fuel

    I would also switch to synthetic oil, rig an oil cooler up, and change the diff and tranny fluids too. There might be some windshield wiper fluid that would be better for the sand too, as in less likely to scratch.

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    Default service?

    Aside from the bentley book, is there a basic set of e34-specific tools I should get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by metacolo
    Aside from the bentley book, is there a basic set of e34-specific tools I should get?
    You can almost completely disassemble these damn things apart with an 8, 10, 13, and 17mm wrench/socket.

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