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Thread: e34 back windows not working...(HELP!)

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    Default e34 back windows not working...(HELP!)

    hey guys, new to this forum and was referred to by a friend, i currently own a 95 525i bmw and the two back power windows arent working.

    the switches on the door, and the two switches for them in the back in the center console.

    i tried checking the fuse, and looked under the fuse cover and it didnt seem to have a match to the rear windows. closest one i got was "heated rear window". which was number 28.

    can anyone help me solve this problem? or give me the exact fuse number?

    and a hello, since im new to this forum.

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    Default o_O

    no help @ all ?

    thanks a LOT guys

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    Default You need to adjust your...

    Quote Originally Posted by 5seriesbimmer
    no help @ all ?

    thanks a LOT guys

    Seriously though, welcome to the forum. Be patient and your most technical challenges will be pontificated ad infinitum, if not actually solved. Search in the archives for "rear window" or "window regulator"

    I haven't had this problem yet but I know many others have so there should be some valid posts at your disposal in the archives. If no power at all from any switch, a fuse is a good start, but without a Bentley in front of me I don't know which one to look at. If you don't have a Bentley manual, get one, as it is a great first line of defense against the many things that will start happening to your car now that it knows it has an attentive audience.

    Also, check Bruno's site (link at the entry to this board) for helpful tips on all sorts of things that will go wrong on your car.


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    Second Robin...! Mine didn't either, and a common and simple first fix to try is this:
    Put in key and turn accessories on. Sit in back seat (bad window side). Simeltaneously slam the door (from the inside) and press the main switch for that window in the center console. For me - voila!. Good luck.

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