I recenlty purchased an '89 525i euro with a 5 speed manual transmission. I was excited to read about the stomp test to retrieve engine codes only to find out that I had no bulb for the check engine light. Then, I read Bruno's site that 89's would constantly flash the check engine light during normal driving even though there are no fault codes to be displayed. However, the site also mntioned that if you do a stomp test on an '89, it should give out the proper codes. So, this afternoon, I put a bulb in (also replaced the faulty odometer bulb and right side check control display bulb) and true enough, the check engine light would stay on and blink during normal driving. Okay, that's normal and so I proceed with the stomp test - no blinking. It just stays on steady as a rock. Tried it several times, to no avail. What could be wrong? Can the throttle position sensor have something to do with this? Could my TPS be busted or maldjusted?

Thanks for your time!