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Thread: Radio problems 1994 5 series

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    Default Radio problems 1994 5 series

    The battery ran down so of course I had to enter the code to get the radio working. Unfortunately, the code doesn't unlock the radio. I have tried several times. The numbers are clear on the paper so I am not doing anything wrong as I see it.

    Any suggestions?

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    A code is a code. After you mess up a few times the code thing times out. They say you have to leave the key in the on position for an hour, then turn the radio on and enter the code. Throw a charger on it for that hour to be safe. I am not sure of the proper sequence of events so look it up in the archives.

    Another thing is you might not have the proper code. They are mostly all 1's and 2's. You can call any dealership if you have the serial # from the back of the radio. When I called a few years back the guy said he had to fire up an ancient computer system to get the code, took about 15 minutes and he was very unsure about the number 12222 I laughed and explained it to him. It did work too.

    Post a reply when you get it to work. Good luck.
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    Updated by TSB #6502933729 Nov 1986.

    The BMW anti-theft radio circuitry is designed to essentially render your radio unsalable if it is stolen. If the radio is subsequently electrically reconnected, it will not operate until a five-digit security code assigned to your radio is entered. The anti-theft features and operation are as follows:

    After the ignition key is removed, the red "anti-theft" LED will continuously flash, drawing attention to this feature.
    Should anyone, such as a thief, touch any push-button on the radio after the key is removed, the anti-theft inscription will flash and a warning tone will sound for 5 minutes or until the ignition is turned ON .
    Should the voltage supply to the radio drop below 5 volts due to a dead battery, electrical repairs, or radio removal (such as theft), the radio will not function when voltage is restored. The word "code" will show in the display only.
    The proper 5-digit code shown on the TWO CARDS SUPPLIED TO YOU must then be entered (using the proper number radio push-button selectors in the bottom row) when the radio is on and the display shows "code". If the correct code is not entered in three successive tries , the radio will not accept entry until the radio has been left on for one hour with the ignition ON .

    IMPORTANT: When entering 5-digit code number, be sure to complete sequence number of that 5-digit code. For example: Code No. sequence is 43215 and you mistakenly enter 42 instead of 3, continue the code number sequence of 215 to complete that entry. The radio will not operate and "code" will reappear in the display. Re-enter the correct number sequence of 43215 and operation of the radio will continue. The likelihood of guessing the correct code is extremely remote. The radio is, therefore, unsalable to a thief. NOTE: If an audible beep is heard while entering the 5-digit code, STOP immediately ! Begin entering the code again, starting with the first number of the 5-digit code.
    The code card should be placed in your wallet, or with the vehicle title papers for security as deemed necessary by your individual needs.
    Should radio or electrical repairs become necessary, please give the repairing facility the radio code number. If you do not, only authorized BMW dealer personnel can obtain the code from BMW.
    Should you lose your code cards, contact the nearest BMW dealer who will then obtain your code from BMW. You may be charged for removal of the radio to ascertain the radio chassis number.

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