Took almost a year and a half off these things lol. Need to get a can of the Wurth paint, might have enough but I know how that goes. Next step would be looking for tires but winter again and not in any type of hurry.

Haven't driven the 530 except for a few long trips. Battery only has 5 working cells now but still will do long distance things. I bring my new Bosch alternator with me as an insurance policy.

Jump from the big charger box she fires up and away we go. Amazing really, a car that just sits for many months at a time able to do cruises of thousands of miles with no issues (except the battery) and excessive lifter tick until warm first start. Would buy a battery but it will just sit. All the distance trips are like half day notice and not possible to grab a 93 battery. Haha... Hopping in and going for hours long cruises.... White knuckled freaking out easily agitated unhappy road trip. It all fades in an hour or so, less of all and much more confident. After a few hours no fears at all, like it's a trusty daily. Hard to honestly describe. That's when cruising at substantial speeds above posted limits make me wonder why they have posted limits. Then I pass a patch of cars that probably shouldn't even be on the road lol.