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Thread: Winston's (fongman) BMW repair site recovered

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    Default Winston's (fongman) BMW repair site recovered


    E34 535I
    Front Strut and upper/lower control arm replacement
    Instrument cluster Nazi or capacitor replacement and troubleshooting symptoms
    Fan and temperature control panel lightbulb replacement
    Radiator and water pump replacement
    Oil change and where to check for an add freon
    Rear strut replacement
    Front grill removal

    E24 M6
    M6 clutch replacement
    ///M fan syndrome (For non-M cars "Kamikaze blower fan")
    How to avoid monthly CPR on your Garage Queen
    M6 headrest cable repair

    E23 735I
    Blower fan replacement
    Head rest cable repair
    My HVAC microswitch troubles
    Condenser replacement and radiator removal
    Transfer pump replacement
    E23 with E34 basketweaves

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    Lovely. Thank you Shogun for your time and dedication in upkeeping the community.

    deleted air conditioning

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    Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


    Great save, Erich!
    1994 540iA Nikasil EAT Chip
    Tampa Bay, Florida USA

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