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Thread: Engine and Powerplant Identification Codes

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    Default Engine and Powerplant Identification Codes

    Every engine produced at BMW is identified in a specially defined area. This identification code is a constituent part of the vehicle approval and can also be used for identity purposes.
    Engine number Is an 8-digit combination in whichthe production location and production date are coded.
    Engine identification code: Provides an indication of the engine displacement, the number of cylinders, the engine concept and the differentiation index of the respective engine.
    Powerplant identification code: The identification code of the series production engine serves, in this case too, as the basis for the powerplant identification code, however, this code also contains the variant number and the identification for new (N)/remanufactured (A) part.
    The engine or power plant identification code can be of assistance in finding the correct part number in borderline cases. For this reason, the engine identification code will in future be listed in the EPC under the additional part description.
    Before replacing the powerplant, the engine or powerplant identification code should be noted down and compared. The vehicle identification number and the data specified on the engine data plate of the corresponding vehicle should always be quoted to ensure fastest possible processing of your parts enquiries.
    The powerplant delivery specification essentially comprises all mechanical wearing parts of an engine, such as:
    • Engine block with crankshaft drive
    • V-belt pulley*
    • Vibration damper*
    • Cylinder head with valve train
    • Camshaft timing gear*
    • VANOS unit*
    • Cylinder head cover
    • Housing cover, front and rear
    • Oil pan
    • Oil dipstick*
    • Oil pump
    • Oil filter*
    • Water pump*
    • Thermostat*
    • Vacuum pump

    Engine and Powerplant Identification Code
    • General information 04
    • Identification code on series production engines 04
    • Identification code on powerplants 04
    • Our tip 05
    Power Plant Definition
    • Delivery specification of power plants for parts sales 05
    Installation Overview
    • Types of engine in model series 06-07
    Powerplant Overview
    • Introduction to identification code old/new 08
    M10 Remanufactured power plant 09-10
    M20 Remanufactured power plant 11-12
    M21 Remanufactured power plant 13
    M30 Remanufactured power plant 14-16
    M40 Remanufactured power plant 17
    M41 Remanufactured power plant 18
    M42 Remanufactured power plant 18
    M43 Remanufactured power plant 19
    M44 Remanufactured power plant 19
    M47 Remanufactured power plant 20
    M50 Remanufactured power plant 20-21
    M51 Remanufactured power plant 21-22
    M52 Remanufactured power plant 22-23
    M57 Remanufactured power plant 24
    M60 Remanufactured power plant 24-25
    M62 Remanufactured power plant 26
    M67 Remanufactured power plant 27
    M70 Remanufactured power plant 27
    M73 Remanufactured power plant 28
    S14 Remanufactured power plant 29
    S38 Remanufactured power plant 30
    S50 Remanufactured power plant 31
    S52 Remanufactured power plant 31
    S62 Remanufactured power plant 32
    S70 Remanufactured power plant 32

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    Woot! Very useful.

    This is how you find out if your engine has been replaced at some point, and also what part number your engine actually is.

    So for a 4.0l M60 would be something like:

    40 8 S1 01 A (A is factory, N is re-manufactured).

    FYI: As it outlines in the pdf, engine code locations are:

    M20 Under cylinder 2, (several inches back from the front), middle of the main reservoir on the oil pan reservoir, on the block above the pan gasket face (def hard to see, maybe easiest from underneath w torch)
    M30/S14/S38 Top of starter motor mount on block (S38 can alternately have it on top of the water pump mount)
    M50/51/52/56/57 S50/S52 under cylinder 4, above pan gasket face
    M60/62/S60/S62, Front of engine, between the V, under the main intake port, can’t see if removal of the intake manifold is needed (*S60/62 may be front left side under cyl head)
    M70/73/S70 Left side front of engine, under cyl head

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