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Thread: Have you had coding plug corruption?

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    Default Have you had coding plug corruption?


    someone I know in the USA who owns an E34 M5 had a problem, his coding plug got corrupted. I have now read that this sometimes happens. He ordered a new coding plug from the dealer, but the dealer left the odometer at "0000".

    He asked me to try to fix it for him, and I can now report that I was able to do that. I can also change almost any other parameter in the plug, such as shorten the service interval, change clock from 12 to 24 hr etc.

    This service will be offered with repair in both Columbus Ohio and Toronto, Canada so if you need this sort of repair on blue or brown coding plugs, just let me know. I should be able to restore your damaged plug, or install a new memory chip in yours.


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    and up with this, just read a positive comment in another forum: Can confirm Mark can do it. He did one of mine two years ago. My Cars 1991 750iL+ 2008 535xit6
    cluster info https://www.exx.se/maintenance/instr...34/index.shtml
    There are exactly 19 items stored in the coding plug,
    Gesamt Wegstrecke = total miles/km
    service interval status
    service interval time (for counting brake fluid replacement interval)
    code # of code plug
    Verbrauchskennlinie - fuel consumption..
    Wegimpulszahl = impulses from speed sensor
    US/ECE version check control III
    fuel tank 5 Stuetzpunkte/support values
    coolant temperature Stuetzpunkte/support values
    coolant too high temp limit/support value
    speed limit
    tone trigger version
    manipulation red dot
    chassis number
    cylinder # of engine
    Programmanzeige ausblenden = gear and trans program delete = this is what kind of transmission the car has, manual or automatic transmission. If manual, nothing will be shown!
    Landessprache/ language
    total Km counter offset
    Programm konstanten = program constant values
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