Hey guys.

I brought the E34 to Poland in march for full body restoration. I want Alkyd paint and for that I had to go to eastern europe where the interpretation of the law is very liberal.

Car body is 100% perfect. Total respray and restoration. I picked up the car and drove home. I have 2 issues now that were NOT there before:

- the instrument cluster has working fuel / temp / speed / rpm meters but the digital displays under it do NOT work. Also, the gong does NOT work if I purposely sabotage a light. So:
= I don't see the mileage / odometer
= I don't see any warning message neither do i hear the gong
= I don't see the A D automatic indicator
Not even the lighting of the bottom part works. Its just black as if the car is turned off

- the heater can only blow at maximum hot. Neither the A/C nor the regular "cold outside air" mode works. The heater valves were replaced in january with a brand new part.
- rear window defogger does not work. Press the button, the led will shine and then immediately turn off
- A/C doesn't work. Compressor can't be turned on
- AUC / recirculation doesn't work. Press the button, the led will shine and then immediately turn off

Anyone got any idea on the above issues where to get started? I plan to remove the heater valves and put 12v on the 3 prongs to test if i can hear them click or move. That takes care of the heater valve functioning.

I will also take the cluster apart to check for bad components on the circuitboard but something tells me the problem won't be there.

The A/C system has been full for the past 3 years. I have it checked each summer but they remove a 99% full charge every summer. I don't believe the A/C would be empty. I have replaced all A/C parts and rings a few years ago.

I have already checked all fuses and all relays. Also under the back seat.