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Thread: Replacing the hose connecting VolumeAirFlow to Throttle plate (pics and tips)

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    Default Replacing the hose connecting VolumeAirFlow to Throttle plate (pics and tips)

    Hello together,

    I noticed a few days that the hose which connects the Volume Air Flow Meter to the throttle body was damaged at the point where the PCV-pipe adapts. Here is a pic:
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    I was suspecting that the engine was sucking atmospheric air through the damaged rubber hose, so I replaced it. In case you also have to replace it, here is the procedure. It is pretty easy actually. You need the new hose (P/N 13541722847) and two clamps:
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    Start by removing the air filter housing, and then you must also remove the air flow sensor. It is held down on the valve cover by three 10mm nuts and two of them are directly under the sensor so it is a bit tricky to reach them. When you get it out, it looks like this:
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    Then you have to unplug the PCV-pipe and the Idle Control Unit from the rubber hose and take it off the throttle body. Check the PCV for deposits. Suprisingly, mine was pretty clean in the inside. The area around it need cleaning however. It is also a good time to check the inside of the throttle body, by opening the butterfly valve.
    Plug the PCV and the IdleControl on the new rubber hose and at the same time slide it on the throttle body opening.
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    Then connect the air flow sensor on the hose and bolt it down on the valve cover again. Also connect the air filter housing again.
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    Nice post!

    That old chestnut affects all M30s in one way or another. You'd think that after installing these kind of connectors up until 1993 BMW would have stopped but they kept on doing it. OK so they last >10 years but they don't inspire any faith when any owner has a fiddle with them!

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    Yes I think it is good practice to replace these hoses sooner or later
    Now I noticed an oil leak on the small PCV-pipe going down to the engine

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