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Thread: Driveshaft Noise. HELP?!

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    Default Driveshaft Noise. HELP?!

    I have a 1991 325i e30. I know this is the e34 thread, but this gets much more traffic and could use some suggestions.

    Recently had the driveshaft replaced and now I notice this...

    After the driveshaft was replaced, I am noticing after a drive, i'll get home, parallel park and only when I throw it in reverse and only once I apply the brakes I feel/hear a small bump seeming to come from the driveshaft. The E30 Mechanic couldn't get it to replicate.. But he said it could just be once it warms up it has some wiggle room bc it's an old car. Sounds like ******** to me. Any help would be great.

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    I am not a mechanic, but I own a 89' E34 and it makes a similar bump while shifting, like the one you described. I have been told, that it comes from a loose clutch, or from a loose input shaft bearing. Hopes this helps.

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    Play is hard to find, you might have a loose universal joint in the replacement driveshaft. Also check your output shafts from the differential. If the half shafts are good then the play is probably the driveshaft.

    If you don't really have a vibration in driving then it is a suttle non issue. Unfortunately sometimes there are things you need to accept for an older car. If this issue only came around after the driveshaft I would angle on that issue.
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