The 5HP18 Valve Body Kit is no longer available. I have spent over 5 evening hours to get any kind of supplier to check his stock. 0... Even ZF no longer delivers (here in Europe). I have:
- Ordered all traction springs & 1-2-3-4-5 springs
- Ordered all orifices 10x
- Ordered 4 6mm balls (just to be sure, need only 2)
- Ordered the one way check valve (but came without a ball)
- Ordered the VB gasket

So basically, I took the critical parts from the list and ordered those myself. My spare trans already had the updated selector. This does not need replacing.

This is what I will do for now:
- Finish the internals of the spare 088 I am rebuilding. This completes my hardpart rebuild
- Install the rebuilt 088 transmission (w/o valve body)
- Take the valve body from the trans I remove (runs ok) and put it under the rebuilt one
- Drive and test. If it runs great (or almost great) I at least know I did not screw up on the internals.

A good friend of mine runs the garage where I do my tires and yearly certification. A good friend of his runs a very professional auto trans shop. They do regular rebuilds but also custom work on transmission internals & valve bodies and all kinds of other customized work with CNC equipment. They have a test machine for valve bodies. After I get a 1 way check valve WITH ball, I will rebuild the valve body and let them test / adjust it according to ZF spec or their own knowledge.

I will keep you guys posted on this. Tomorrow I'll call ZF and order a new one way check valve. If it comes with a ball, I'll measure it and post it.