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Thread: 1991 e32 735i pan gasket replacement m30 engine

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    Default 1991 e32 735i pan gasket replacement m30 engine

    Place cardboard under engine

    Remove radiator fan and shroud

    Remove air cleaner

    Move coolant tank (don't remove coolant lines just pull tank to the side)
    remove overflow line
    pull electrical plug

    Remove metal channel under coolant tank

    Loosen electrical conduit that was under metal channel (wire bundle has a tendency to stick to the firewall)

    Remove vacuum line to master cylinder

    Brace hood with pole or stick

    Jack up car ( I used stands on sway bar bushing fittings)

    Drain oil

    Swing power steering pump bracket out of the way by removing the adjustment bolt and nut, leave hoses attached

    Remove air conditioner compressor bracket, leave hoses attached

    Disconnect oil sensor
    remove bolts on sensor from oil pan or disconnect connector on left side of pan/engine
    remove automatic transmission bracket on cooler lines (left front of engine)

    Disconnect exhaust pipe to transmission support

    Remove nuts on transmission rubber mounts

    Lift engine slightly to remove pressure on engine mounts. I used not only the lift but also raised the engine using the ac compressor mounting bracket.

    Remove engine mount nuts from the bottom side of car (33 ft - lb)

    Remove grounding strap

    Lift engine 2 to 3"

    Place wood blocks under engine mounts

    Remove oil pan bolts
    (22) 10mm bolts (6.5 - 8 ft - lb or 84 in-lb)
    (4) 7mm special bolts that draw pan toward bell housing (15 ft - lb or 180 in/lb)
    Remove oil pump drop into pan (two long bolts towards front of engine) There are three bolts and the nut on the gear

    Rotate crankshaft on #6 cylinder to clear rod journal (36 mm bolt)

    Remove oil pan

    Inspect and reinstall pump (16 ft - lb or 192 in/lb)

    Install sprocket with chain (align spine) 18 ft - lb or 216 in/lb)

    Use 3m Super weather-stripping and gasket adhesive to hold new gasket in place.
    Mount the gasket before the adhesive sets. Move it around into position
    Takes about 15 minutes to dry

    I made a gasket protector from a plastic surgical pan to protect the leading edge of the gasket and oil pan.
    Gasket protector held in place with zip strips
    Leave gasket protector in place until after the oil pump mounting.

    Check main bearings 42-45 ft/lb

    Check rod bearings 38-41 ft/lb

    Other thoughts

    Take care not to damage new gasket when sliding oil pan back into position.

    Engine lift on sale at Harbor Freight $50

    I used air conditioner compressor mounting bracket to lift the engine while tightening the chain on the engine lift.

    I am extremely safety minded so I never trust one device to hold up anything over 50 lbs.

    Used a wooden block on the AC compressor mounting bracket when jacking engine

    Place wooden blocks between the frame and engine mounts
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