I have a BMW that's nearing the end of its 4 year new car warranty. The retail price for a BMW-backed extended warranty is rather expensive. Even invoice is rather high, but it's better than retail!

I contacted and got quotes from 16 different BMW dealers all over the US. It doesn't matter which BMW dealer you get the warranty from; all BMW dealers except the BMW extended warranty (extended service contract, ESC).

The best price by far being offered by any dealer right now (the ones that I contacted) is through John Andrews at Schaeffer BMW.

If you've been on the fence about a BMW (not 3rd party) extended warranty you won't find a better price. Make sure you specify that you want a deal and wont pay retail. His contact details are:

John Andrews
f & i manager
Schaeffer BMW
4920 New Center Dr
Wilmington, NC 28403

John did not ask me to post this and does not know I posted this. I am posting this as a courtesy to my fellow BMW drivers. The only reason I knew you could shop around for a BMW extended warranty is because other members have posted similar stories. There is a large mark-up on the warranties and many dealers are willing to go below retail; though some aren't and some go above retail. It helps to shop around.


The types of extended warranties available are:

ESC 0000000015 - ESC PT+ 60M/100K Mls N/A 1600.00 50.00 PT
ESC 0000000018 - ESC GD 60M/100K Mls N/A 2170.00 50.00 GD
ESC 0000000021 - ESC PL 60M/100K Mls N/A 2380.00 50.00 PL
ESC 0000000024 - ESC PT+ 72M/100K Mls N/A 1820.00 50.00 PT
ESC 0000000027 - ESC GD 72M/100K Mls N/A 2530.00 50.00 GD
ESC 0000000030 - ESC PL 72M/100K Mls N/A 2800.00 50.00 PL
ESC 0000000033 - ESC PT+ 84M/70K Mls N/A 1880.00 50.00 PT
ESC 0000000036 - ESC GD 84M/70K Mls N/A 2630.00 50.00 GD
ESC 0000000039 - ESC PL 84M/70K Mls N/A 2910.00 50.00 PL
ESC 0000000042 - ESC PT+ 84M/100K Mls N/A 2090.00 50.00 PT
ESC 0000000045 - ESC GD 84M/100K Mls N/A 2980.00 50.00 GD
ESC 0000000048 - ESC PL 84M/100K Mls N/A 3310.00 50.00 PL

PT = Power Train +
GD = Gold
PL = Platinum

Those prices are retail. I figure there is about a 39% mark-up on these prices. So you can back into the invoice price if you know how to do math.

The 50 = $50 deductible
60M, 72M, etc = Months
100k mls, etc = Miles