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Thread: OBC IV Training Manual

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    Default OBC IV Training Manual

    OBC IV Manual redrawn and updated to be a fully-searchable PDF.

    Redone so that each page fits on a half-sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper; if you set your Acrobat Reader print settings properly, you'll be able to print it out, fold it in half, and toss it in your glove box.

    Circuit diagram is just a very rough placeholder, as I do not have a high-resolution drawing in order to read the numbers/values on the diagram. If someone has a better scan, please PM me and I will update it.

    I did not bother with the OBC III portion of the manual - it's my understanding that E34s only had the IV? If that's not the case, I'll update.

    Also, I did NOT correct the large number of typos, grammar inconsistencies, style issues - I may do that later on if I'm bored. Man, it was bad. I really hope a non-native English speaker wrote this.

    by richinvan

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    awesome, thanks

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