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    Self-activating flashers. An owner of a 1993 BMW may complain that the emergency flashers come on by themselves and can't be shut off with the flasher switch. BMW says this may be caused by a bum transistor in the crash control module, which you need to remove. It's a tall brown case stamped with the words "Crash-Alarm-Geber." Check the manufacturing date stamped on the side in white. The first digit of the code indicates the year ("3" means 1993). The second and third digits indicate the week of manufacture (for example, "08" means eighth week). If the unit was built before the eighth week of 1993, replace it. Use Part No. 61 35 1 384 761 for 318i, 318iS, 325i and 325iS models. Use Part No. 61 35 1 384 732 for the 525i, 530i, 540i, 740i, 740iL, 750iL, 840Ci, 850Ci and 850CSi.

    Great post Shogun! I had this problem until I read this post. I had pulled my flasher relay a week ago because they would go off for no reason. So I checked the date and part number and it turns out I had the wrong part number 732 installed instead of the correct 761. I had 4 more modules as back ups and the newest one is 93 8th week with correct 761 part number.

    and here from Horst in Germany

    How to by-pass for testing
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