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Thread: Driver's Side Speakers Out

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    Default Driver's Side Speakers Out

    The the three speakers by the driver in my 525i are not working. I have pulled the speakers out and tested them in other locations and they work fine. I assume it some sort of wiring problem. Could this be a fuse, or the amp, or the head unit.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    could be your head unit or amp, since it's a whole channel that's out. I'd lean more towards the amp, as it's put under the most stress over time. if you take a 9v battery and touch it to the connections on the 5 1/4" speaker, you'll know if your speakers are fine.
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    Default I strongly suspect the head-unit

    In my 92 735iL, I have lost the left front channel twice in the last two years. Both times it was the head unit. They were both the "BMW ALPINE 2" as displayed when you press the mode "-" and "PROG" buttons simultaneously.

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