I've had some advice to check on the dust shield making this rubbing noise... however I think my parking brake is getting worn and my mech told me I need a new one and a spring kit... maybe the old springs are not disengaging enough and it is still rubbing.... anyways I need to know besides the pads and spring kit, so I really need to get 2 cables also, or can I just use the old ones? I know on a bike cables need to be replaced like every year or two for avid riders... here is a list of my cart items from Pelican Parts (seemed like the best deal.. thanks guys!):

Emergency Brake Cable, 2 required, each, BMW E36 3 Series, Brand: Genuine BMW

Emergency Brake Spring Repair Kit, 328i/is/iC (1996-99) Brand: Ate

E-Brake Shoe, Set of four, 328i/is/iC (1996-99) Brand: Pagid

Subtotal: $91.75