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Thread: Thanks all!

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    Default Thanks all!

    With help from a friend and all the info here, I figure out that my CPS was bad. I finally got it up and running tonight, just in time to move this weekend.

    I am glad I stumbled upon here, I will defiantly be staying and sharing my new projects , but I am going to wait to unveil those!

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    Please add as your signature your MODEL and MONTH and YEAR of PRODUCTION, so it will always be automatically shown. That makes it easier for us to look into the right wiring diagrams or drawings and parts lists when you have a problem.
    To make a signature, go to the top of this page again to "user CP" click there and then scroll down till you find:
    Settings & Options

    There just type in your details and it will always be shown when you post.
    To get the month and year of PRODUCTION, use this VIN decoder

    like I have...

    E32 750iL 11/88, E32 750iL Highline 03/90

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