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Thread: US production numbers

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    Default US production numbers

    Author: kfister Posted on: 2009-05-09
    Tabulated manually from data from factory data and engineering

    HD13 3313 LIM M30B35 MAN LL US //535i K 6,480
    HD23 3323 LIM M30B35 AUT LL US //535iA K 19,060
    HD53 3353 LIM M50B25 MAN LL US //525i 10,679
    HD63 3363 LIM M50B25 AUT LL US //525iA K 67,671
    HD93 3393 LIM S38B36 MAN LL US //M5 K 1,691
    HE13 3413 LIM M60B30 MAN LL US //530i K 2,892
    HE23 3423 LIM M60B30 AUT LL US //530iA K 11,649
    HE53 3453 LIM M60B40 MAN LL US //540i K 1,559
    HE63 3463 LIM M60B40 AUT LL US //540iA K 9,687
    HJ53 3653 TOUR M50B25 MAN LL US //525i K 0
    HJ63 3663 TOUR M50B25 AUT LL US //525iA K 6,574
    HK23 3723 TOUR M60B30 AUT LL US //530iA K 1,249

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    Is there a UK version of this list Shogun?


    Shaun M

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    you have to check it out here
    BMW Production Data
    Keith Turner
    This started as an attempt to obtain production data for E30 convertibles. After viewing
    the results, I decided to expand it to other models. All of the production data in this
    document is based off of the data on the 03/2001 and 02/2004 TIS CD. Any model that
    was still in production in 02/2004 is not listed in this guide. The E12 is not included, as
    the TIS CD does not contain all of the E12 data. In the near future, I will attempt to
    expand this using a more recent TIS CD and possibly the Mobile Tradition CD. The data
    is not perfect and a couple of assumptions were made. The numbers were verified
    against other published production figures and were the same (or very close). Known
    problems and discrepancies will be pointed out. If you see any problems, know of other
    sources of production data, or would like to make a suggestion, please email me at
    keith@e30ic.com. The latest version of this document can be found at www.e30ic.com.

    and then also check here
    what the VIN can tell you

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