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Thread: Best Source for Parts, USA

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    Default Best Source for Parts, USA

    New member here, I have a '06 530XIT Sport Wagon, 6 speed manual.
    Bought it used on ebay, was 1 1/2 years old with 1500 miles when I got it.
    Had it delivered to the local Fleet Farm parking lot by car carrier when I picked it up. So when Asked where I got the car I say Fleet & Farm!

    Altho I love the car it has been far from trouble free, Thank goodness for warantee. Been to the dealer about 5-6 times for regular maintance and problems, they have made 2 PUMA cases from car so far. and have fixed multiple things at most of the visits. One problem was intermitant electrical, took 3 vistis to fix, another was oil level sender that took 3 tries also to fix.
    Mostly little annoying things only one major problem, clutch would stick down in cold weather (cold weather being less than 20 deg. F.). Right now all items are fixed.

    But I have other problems that are not under warn. I just got back from a 4800 mile road trip with the car. Wisc to San Deigo to Vegas to Flagstaff back to wisc. I ended up loosing a battle with a road snake at 80 some mph in Arizona.
    It took out the right side Fog lamp and approx. 5 plastic guards/covers in the area betwwen the bumber and the front wheel. So I need to get some replacement parts. Where/What is the best source cost/delv. for parts? I also lost a battle with the king of all tumble weeds somehere in Oklahoma. That ended up putting a nice dent about 18" from the leading edge of the hood. i assume that I can get one of these dent removal guys to work it out. It did not break the paint so I'm hoping that can be fixed too.

    After the long trip I have come to some conclusions.
    1) Never get a car with Sport seats, very unconfortable on long trips.
    2) Gas milage indicators are off approx by 1 mpg. they read higher than reality.
    3) Gas milage is effected by wind very much. best gas milage I got was 30.5 averaging 73 mph. I got good gas milage ave, 83 mph (28 mpg) also. Gas milage varied from a low of 24.6 (also at approx. 70-75 mph) to high of 30.5. Wind direction and velocity of wind was greatest effect on milage, not speed of car itself.

    Thanks for the responces in advance, sorry for the long post.

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    Your dealer is probably the only source for the broken bits on the front. Some offer a discount to BMW club members/enthusiasts.
    There are a number of online parts house for maintenance parts, I like autohausaz. Pelican and BMA are others as well as Bavarian auto who is higher priced but has some nice accessory items.
    The indicated fuel economy can be recalibrated with button pushing on the older cars, not sure about yours.
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    If you need dealer only parts get the part number from and put it into the part number search at Mile One has the best prices on factory parts, only charges what actual shipping costs are. And they have great customer service.

    I've dealt with a few places and been disappointed with most of them. And then I came across Mile One which have been great every time I've used them. Love that I've yet to find better prices elsewhere.

    I like for non-dealer only parts.
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    check this list

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