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Thread: engine heating once again

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    well recently its working better, but seems its not working at all untill the radiator is hot, usually the clutch should go on when u start the engine then goes off. but this one doesn't otherwise its ok. the Aux fan is blowing fueses so it seems to have few coils drawing more current. that means its spinning slower than its supposed to be. I have bypassed the fues to keep it on. but sometimes I find that wire toasted.
    one good change happened is that when I turn off the engine for few minutes and return back to drive I don't find the temp in the high zone. before it was going high.

    I'll keep observing
    Thanks dude ...

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    You didn't mention the year or engine of your car, but I have heard that the e39 model (3-series, ~1992 thru 1998) used a plastic impeller in the factory water pump -- and the impeller would eventually fail due to age or temperature, and basically stop pumping water that would cause over heating.

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