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Thread: Anybody live near NYC?

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    Default Anybody live near NYC?

    I'll be in the area at the same time, but just picking my daughter up at her college and taking her back to Virginia. Should be leaving from 90 miles north up the Hudson about the same time you are. If you're taking I-78 and I-81 back west, maybe we'll see each other on the road. I'll be the de-badged white '95 with fan-free M5 wheels with snow tires. If you want a contact and that's your way home, PM me and we'll swap cell numbers.

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    Default Anybody live near NYC?

    Want to link up with me Thursday afternoon to help me eyeball this 1995 5-speed before I actually transact the cash? I'll buy you lunch for your trouble..

    I'm meeting the seller at Laguardia, sometime around 3:00 / 4:00-ish. Depends on when my flight lands at MacArthur, how long it takes me to get to Laguardia, etc. PM me if you feel like helpin' a brother out.
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    you buying the green sport with the gold stripe?

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    i'll be closer to laguardia around that time.
    Why are you comin in to macarthur? thats all the way out on the island
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