That time of year for me to renew my Auto Registrations or License Plates.

Just wondering what everyone else has to pay and how often?

In Michigan, I pay the following every year:

1982 BMW 320i = $47.00
2002 VW Jetta = $72.00
1993 Infiniti J30 = $134.00
1994 BMW 530i = $174.00 $18.00 for my drivers' license.

$445.00 just for the privilege of driving.

Feels like such a rip off. I believe the fees are based on the original value of the vehicle...but how many years does that need to go? You would think it would start getting less as the car gets older. When a vehicle turns 26 years old you can buy a "historical" plate for $15 and it lasts for 10 years, IIRC, but then you are limited to driving no more than a few thousand miles every year.