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Thread: ot: not speeding and not stopping

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    Default ot: not speeding and not stopping

    -sorry guys- have to delete this...
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    Since you sort of asked for advice I will offer a little.

    We all love those who brought us into this world and raised us from wee tykes and want to do right by them.

    The best way I can think of to handle your situation, which may be mine in a couple years, is to treat your folks the way you want to be treated when it comes your time to hang up the keys.

    With love in your heart, you must discuss the blown stop signs with your folks. It may be a relief to them or it could really send them off, but either way, you should tell them while you can. Do you really want to have to say "If only I had said something before the accident."?

    I know this won't be easy, but if you are truly concerned about your folk's well-being and the well-being of those around your folks when they drive, you will do the right thing.

    Best Wishes,


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    I know how you feel. My father's last days behind the wheel were dangerous. Before he understood how much he'd slowed down he still considered himself a safe driver, driving painfully slow and hesitant, a flurry of finger waving and fist shaking behind.
    Perhaps a visit to the eye doctor for Pop to see if something can be done.
    If it's time to hang up the keys hopefully he'll understand and it will be his idea.
    It's giving up a huge portion of his independance and conceeding to decline. You, Mom and innocent strangers could have suffered far worse from that incident. I hope he can reflect on that and make the right choice before a serious crash occurs.
    Good luck, be patient
    "The gas pedal wouldn't go to the floor if it weren't meant to be there"

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    sorry again...
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    My own father is 82 and still drives. Tells me he does 80-90 on the motorway and frightens the life out of me because his reactions arent there any more. I'm just glad he is getting fed up of it. Its got to be a blow if your dad is told he should give up driving. Maybe a bigger one if its you that has to tell him. Perhaps a doc or an optician would be best telling him. He can rant about the injustice to you. I dont call that bottling out but looking out for his safety and his diginity

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    64 is hardly over the hill!
    However, He should have afull physical to see if three are any physical problems.

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