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Thread: I was pulling fuses..

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    Default I was pulling fuses..

    to try and determine why my windowswitch lights stay on, and after having all the fuses out, it was still on

    so next step i have to go into the rear fusebox, any advice on how to acces it, i have the securty unit on top of it that i have to remove somehow.

    1995 525i "Stefanie"

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    Yank your rear seat out (give it a real big tug in the "indents" underneath the seat cushion where it meets the carpet, feel around and you'll know what I mean) and there should be a black box with a cover and screws on the opposite side of your battery. On my car this is the left side (passenger side RHD, drivers side LHD) so yours should still be the same. Unscrew the screws that cover this box and you should see a shitload more fuses and some relays.


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