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Thread: Door Open

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    Default Door Open


    I have a "Door Open" alarm on the instrument panel and the BMW bong telling me something is wrong. However, it is not constant. All the doors are closed tight it seems. I have pulled 2 of the two strikers switches off and looked at them. I saw no problem.

    The door alarm happens when I turn corners or step on the gas pedal. A sudden lurch and or change is direction sets off the alarm. Then as soon as the alarm appears it disappears again.

    I have a Bentley manual and I have downloaded a set a schematics from this site. However, I did not see the circuit the explains why I would get a "Door Open" alarm.

    So will somebody please point out to me the Door Jam/striker switches circuit? Also if you have any hints associated with this problem, I would appreciate it.

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    if you look closely at a door latch (on the car) you will see the switch.It sounds to me as if one of the switches is faulty or the wiring one of the switches has a short to ground or similar so it seems like the switch circuit is open so triggering the alarm
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    Search the forum. I have replied to this damn question posted by different users atleast five times........

    Also, just to pre-empt the next question: Cold weather and white smoke. Yes. They all do that.

    ....and welcome to the forum! The "door-open" fix really is easy, just "search"
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