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Thread: My first track day!

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    Default My first track day!

    All I can say is... woah!

    I'll post pics as soon as they are up on the club's website http://www.bmwclub.org.nz if you're interested. There were some great cars there, two E34 M5's, a handful of M3s', a Ferrari F355GT, new Mini Cooper S. The X5 was great on the track too, although the brakes gave a hell of smell when it pulled into the pit lane after a few laps. I found I could keep up with most cars on the twisty bits in my 525ia, probably because I'm young and don't give a ****, so I just thrash it, but on the straight's the 2.5 M20 didn't have a chance against the M's...

    Can't wait for next year, just gotta find a way of keeping the damn tires stuck to the track...

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    Congrats Dan. It's a slippery slope...and you're hooked! I've gone the same path and it's a whole lot of fun. You never stop learning - that's the best part if you ask me. I spent four years driving and then have been working as an instructor for the last two years. That's an amazing transition as well - moving from driving to riding.

    If I had anything to suggest it's...straight line speed is highly overrated. Have fun working in the corners and don't worry about going fast on the straight. My grandma can put a brick on the accelerator and go fast - no skill!

    Find a safe track, some instructors you like who know how to be safe while going fast and go for it! Take some pics and post them for us as well!


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    Yeah, I'd kill to be able to spend more time on the track and work on my car, but unfortunately my bimmer days are numbered. I'm in my second year at varsity, and my parents have just gone broke so can't afford to support me anymore. I'm holding onto the 525 as long as I can, if I sell it I would have just enough to cover my accomodation fees for the rest of the year. If I don't sell it, heck I don't even know where the next tank of gas is coming from!

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