This has been mentioned before, but I thought I'd include a pic and mention my experience.

My glove box would not open any longer. The last time I tried to open it, I heard a small snap, then working the lever just did absolutely nothing. No way to get in. Pissed me off, now what do I do. Well, as ussual, go search and whola there were answers.

What I did is, I unlatched the two clamps that hinge the back of the glove box near the firewall. This gave me some room to move the box around and peer through the side of the glove box nearest the passenger door. I took a long screwdrive and placed it against the side of JL latch mechanism. I smacked it with my hand (from the side by the passenger door) and the glove box dropped like a ton of bricks. Previously I had pryed, pulled, yanked, and the box would not budge. That sucker really hangs on, damn JL latch is strong. I figured I'd just replace the whole latch, but it would not move. The mentioned trick did the job. Thanks guys.

You can see the hook thingy that broke.