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Thread: Passenger side speakers go out

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    Default Passenger side speakers go out

    When I'm listening to my MP3 player with a take adapter, they will just stop playing lol. The drivers side work fine, but those two quit, any suggestions? Need new speakers, WIRING? Amp? I used a diff tape adapter, and I will try another mp3 player, but also, how do you clean inside the tape deck. It will say "clean" every once in a blue moon.
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    Many times i see problems with those tape adaptor decks only playing through one channel. Replace yours.
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    If the right side goes out when playing the radio too, your problem is elsewhere. If it only does it using the adapter and you have tried another and it still does it, it is probably a dirty tape head. Does it also do it when you play a tape?

    If so, you can get a head cleaning tape from any audio store that will clean the head and tape transport mechanism. A wet system works best, comes with a small bottle of denatured alcohol to put on the ribbon inside the cleaner tape. You can also use a long q-tip (cotton swab) with some denatured alcohol to clean the head.

    The "CLEAN" alert comes on after 15 hours of use. Don't know how it knows when it is cleaned and resets itself.

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