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Thread: Question About Fusible Link......

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    Default Question About Fusible Link......

    Can someone try to explain how a bum fusible link can make an engine 'cut-out' periodically?

    I posted my issues a while back when at certain temps, while the engine was warming up, the engine would cut-out and immediately resurect itself (head jerk). It didn't seem that radio or other electrics were affected, just the engine. A few folks here recommended I check the fuse, and sure enough, she's cracked. I've ordered a new fuse, but am wondering how the link affects engine operation. I was under the impression that it didn't protect engine circuits.

    Just wondering,

    Dave M

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    Shuts down eveything. Mine failed 17:15 on Friday afternoon with temp 97 deg. Caught shop on way out the door. Used screwdriver handle to press down on link which on '89 525 is a flat strip. Current flow through the 80 amp circuit melted and fused the two halves.

    Thanks for reminding me that I have two spares in the original but none in the "new" '89 5s that we've put 13k mi on in the year that we have had it. Heading out the door now to move one over.

    Oh by the way, dealer price was less than a dollar. Every one should carry a spare. The bigger problem for those w/o previous experience would be diagnosing the prob.

    You may have used up a lot of your luck on this one.

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