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    Default Vin Decoder

    For all of you trying to decipher your VIN=Vehicle Identification Number here is the best tool I have found so far.

    VIN Decoder

    NOTE: This also work for motorcycles and Mini's

    Just type in the last 7 digitis of your VIN and you will have some basic information for your BMW. I did this for my 525ix and this is what I got:

    Daten für die Fahrgestell-Nr. 'GD45450'Baureihe:E34 Model
    Fahrzeugtyp:525ix Type
    Typschlüssel:HJ81 Series
    Motor:M50 Engine
    Karosserie:Touring Body Style
    Katalogausführung:Europa Market
    Lenkung:Links Left Hand Drive
    Getriebe:Automatik Transmission
    Produktion:08/1992 Production date
    für die BJ von 01.02.1992 bis 31.03.1996
    Motor M50 B25:6.50 Liter Öl Engine Oil Cap.
    Getriebe A4S 310R (Automatik):3.00 Liter Öl Gearbox Oil Cap. (A4S 310R=GM THM-R1)
    Diff.:1.70 Liter Öl Differential Oil Cap
    Bremsflüssigkeit:1.00 Liter Brake Fluid
    Kühlwasser mit/ohne Klima:11.00/10.50 Liter Cooling W/WO Airco
    Zusatz:Verteilergetriebe: 0,6 l; Transfer gearbox
    Vorderachsgetriebe: 0,7 l Front Diff.

    Sorry that this is in German but I have put the translation behind each item.

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    Look on my website, there is a VIN decoder in English

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