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Thread: Need code for my 3 series radio

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    Default Need code for my 3 series radio

    Hello. I have a 1993 325is series bmw and I dont have the code to unlock the radio. The car was purchased thru a wholesaler and he doesnt know the previous owners code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    pull the radio and get the long number off of the back, alpine radios have a riveted plate with the # and pioneers have it on a white paper sticker that can and does fall off and get lost rendering the radio completely useless, it's held in with a 5 sided allen on ether side that's made from soft brass, if your lucky you can back them out with a small flat screwdriver but strip them and it's a bitch to deal with it, call your local dealer with that # and they should give you the code for nothing, if your dealer sucks and gives you a line call my dealer at 225-754-1200 and ask for parts then ask for a radio code
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