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Thread: Prob with rear window weather stripping, pic inside

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    Default Prob with rear window weather stripping, pic inside

    I think in the heat the other day when rolling the window down (it hadnt been opened in about 3 weeks) it was kind of stuck to the glass or something and pulled it... now I have it sticking out a little bit and it looks horrible. It's not leaking because the window goes above it, but I need to fix it asap.

    What do you people think?

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    euww. Could only suggest contact adhesive once the surfaces inside are clean with alcohol and both pieces surfaces are tacky.

    Otherwise, trim the offending piece and be done with it.

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    Not 100% clear what the problem is..however I've had some similar problems with window seals. It seems that it's usually something is no longer connected/clipped/held right combined with sticky rubber.

    Find out what's come unclippped and also work the rubber tracks with some silicon spray.
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    I just noticed I have the same problem! same issue it looks like the tinting stuck to it and it pulled out. Any help would be great! - JT
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    Razor blade, clean the track from sticky things as mentioned.
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