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Thread: expected MPG on M50 with a five speed

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    Default expected MPG on M50 with a five speed

    Hi Ďya folks,

    Monday Iím going to the DMV and transferring the tag from my little E21 to my E34. The E34 was only driven by myself for a short while prior to replacing the engine.

    The fuel economy on the old M50 engine was significantly low. The engine only ran on four or five cylinders.. really hard to tell. There was serious mechanical damage to the old M50, I havenít done an autopsy yet, however Iím pretty sure there was a hole on the #2 piston.

    Anyway Iíll be sorting the car out this week and I was curious as to the expected MPG the car should deliver. I canít say I have any faith in the OBC or the silly meter in the tach.

    The car obviously has the M50 engine. Its also fitted with a five speed stick. The car appears to run very well. I also donít expect to be using the air this week. What should I expect?

    BTW, I used to be a chassis dyno driver many years ago, Iím very familiar with the method used to calculate EPA mileage and the majority of ďrunsĒ yielded figures better than other dyno drivers.. just bragging..

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    Default This site only list a 93 525.. see MPG below

    1993 BMW 525i
    Find and Compare Cars

    Customize with Your Gas Prices & Annual Miles Switch to Metric Units

    EPA Fuel Economy

    Fuel Type Premium Gasoline
    MPG (city) 19
    MPG (highway) 28
    MPG (combined) 23

    Fuel Economy Estimates From Drivers Like You

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    If you do more hwy driving than you'll get around 25ish. I remember bimmerd00d's e34 read 26 nearly all the time and I hate him for it

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    I personnaly get about 12.5 liters per 100 km, on average. I do half my travels to work on highway and in town against traffic, and I often rev her up to about 3k before shifting. (I think it's about 22-25 mpg) More like 8-9 liters per 100 km on the highway when I go on a longer trip (don't ask). Not as bad as I had thought. And that's not bad for an engine with 390 000 kms (242 000 miles).

    It could depend also on if you have a VANOS engine or not. If I recall correctly, from manufacture date 09/92, e34 got the VANOS version of its perky engine. Mine is 07/92.
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    Not sure of the mileage on an M50 e34, but I do know that if the old engine has a hole in a piston, it wouldn'tve run at all.

    A calibrated OBC is quite accurate.

    best, whit

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    I drive like I stole mine, and I get about 19.5 or so...

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    thats nice, i drive my M30 like I stole it and get 15 mpg

    '90 535i
    UUC SSK, Bilstein shocks, Eibach spings, EAT chip, CAI, Super Sprint exhaust, Hella euro headlights, HID kit, M5 spoiler

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