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Thread: 1995 530i Vacuum leaks

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    Default 1995 530i Vacuum leaks

    Idle eratic. 1995 530i V8

    Does the intake manifold have to be removed in order to replace the PCV plate / gasket on the rear?

    Is there also a front pcv gasket on the V8 manifold?

    If so does this necessitate removal of the intake manifold?

    Is it just much easier to have the intake / pcv rear and front gaskets replaced all at the same time?

    Thanks in advance for the info.


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    I have heard that the rear plate can be removed without removing the manifold, but when I did mine, I just pulled the whole thing. The TORX bolts are a nightmare to get off, as the heads will strip and you have to VISE-GRIP them off. The front plate is just a plate, and also has a gasket.

    Do a search for M60 Intake Manifold for a procedure. Bill R. and Winfred have pics of what it looks like pulled apart.

    EDIT: Replace the four manifold gaskets as well.
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    good luck on the car! I did the 4 intake and the pcv plate and gasket and didnt do the front...I have to pull the intake again to do the front plate.
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