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Thread: 328is stalling when stopping..PLEASE HELP!

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    Default 328is stalling when stopping..PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 1997 328is that has been stalling or coming close to stalling when I come to a stop light or sign. I thought at first that it may be a vacuum leak, so I changed all of the vacuum lines and hoses. Nope. I still have a problem. So, I proceded to change the following parts without any effect on my stalling symtems;

    Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF)
    Idle Air Control Valve (ICV)
    Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
    Intake Boot
    Spark Plugs
    TCC Lock-up Solenoid inside the auto trans
    Tranny Filter
    Tranny Fluid

    What's left? What could my problem be? I'm at my witts end.

    When I scan the ECU I get absolutely NO error codes. None!!!!

    Anyone out there have this problem? If so, what was the fix???

    Please help!!!!


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    the most common running problem on the obdII cars is the cyclonic valve on the bottom of the intake has blown, it's the horible modern bmw design of a pcv valve that every bimmer after 96 comes with, it has a diaphram in it that splits and makes a huge vacuum leak, the easy test is spray around it with carb cleaner and see if the idle is effected, i find it hard to beleave it's not kicking up any codes as the obdII cars are overly sensitive to stuff that doesn't even make it run bad
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