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Thread: Help: OBC display disappears when giving gas...

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    Default Help: OBC display disappears when giving gas...

    Hi folks,

    I've been storing my 5'er for a while now, and starting it periodically. The other day when I started it, and feathered the gas, I noticed that the OBC display (the one under the speedo) fades and disappears. The more throttle I give it, the more it fades.

    Is this something that would cure itself if I let the capacitors in the SI board warm up longer, or is it indicative of some electrical problem?



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    Recharge the battery FULL and restart the engine and my estimate is that you have a 70 % chance that the problem disappears.
    But before starting the car measure the battery voltage without ignition on, with ignition on, while starting and then at about 1.500 RPM.
    Let us know the results.

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