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Thread: is my Indy shop charging too much??

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    Default is my Indy shop charging too much??

    my indy shop quoted me the ff: for labor only.. i have all the parts.

    upper control arm bushings only replacement $250
    installation of front & rear brake pads $120
    rear shocks intallation (bilstein sports) $220

    so that would be $590 grand total...WOW

    ken from Guam

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    Default Pretty pricey Ken....

    Seems pretty high....
    Gordon Lawson
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    ken, do you do any of the work yourself? the brakes are really easy with proper allen wrenches, read the write up on Brunos site about shocks, the rears are real easy but you do need to rent a spring compressor so they dont fly around when you loosen the nuts. the bushings are more challanging than just replacing the whole arms but could be challanging without any mechanical aptitude. Your choice, if you can afford it I guess its not bad, if its not affordable than its too high and you will need to do the work yourself. Its a call only you can make.
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    Actually, if you have a bottle jack, you won't really need a spring compressor to switch out the rears- just mount the jack under the large bolt at the bottom of the rear strut, jack it up an inch to get it tight, and remove the bolt and the top nut. You can then lower the jack slowly to relieve spring tension, which is pretty non existant in the rear anyways. Getting the new spring in is harder, but was still hugely easier than anything in the front.

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