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Thread: alternator stuff (pics)

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    Default alternator stuff (pics)

    Finaly pulled my allternator out today. I noticed that everytime i go out in serios rain, the alternator starts making this whirring noise, and probbably doesn't charge. scenario is like this: i go out (evening) ,it starts to rain, i drive it for a couple of miles in the rain to get home, next morning it starts hard (as in cranks slow and doesn't start right away) and after it starts the alternator is making the noise i was talking about. i drive it for a couple of miles and it stops whirring (dries out i guess) and everything's fine till the next heavy rain.
    So today i took it out planning to change the brushes, or whole regulator, check bearings and so on. my alternator is a valeo, running since 89. looking at it reavealed somethig a little suspicious(pics below). doesn't realy look as the etk says it should. any ideas?
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