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Thread: Losing coolant...ideas?

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    Default Losing coolant...ideas?

    Hey gang-

    Been losing some coolant lately (filled the resevoir 5 days ago, coolant light just went 'on' again today) and am having trouble identiying exactly where it's coming from. With the motor running and the hood open, the cooling fan is shooting a non-stop fine mist of coolant up and over the driver's side front fender. Hoses all seem intact and in decent condition.

    Does this sound like either a leaky water pump weep hole or a failing gasket? If it's my water pump, any suggestions replacement brands? OEM? Graf? Hepu?

    Tim G.
    '91 535iM

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    Default Per your description on the cooling fan, ......

    I would say the problem is in the radiator. I would remove the fan and the fan shroud and look for leak traces.

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    Tim, Javier may be right. But it sounds like the water pump to me. I just recently replaced mine and it was doing the same thing. I got a Geba from BMA Part No. 11 51 1 720 883. If you have to drive it, make sure you keep an eye on the temp. gauge.You do not want this car to overheat. Also It would be a good time to change the hoses and T Stat if you do not know when the last time they were changed. Also use only the blue BMW coolant with a 50/50 mix. Good luck.
    Will Ollison in No. VA
    1990 535i
    1981 528i
    1975 2002

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    check the short hose which runs from the water pump to the thermostat....Give it a squeeze and if you hear sucking sounds you have found the culprit
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