I did a search and couldn't find an exact match to my problem. I have a 95 525i with 69K miles. When going over small bumps in the road, like the curb in front of my driveway, it sounds like a solid thunk. Here is what I know.

I installed new Bilstein touring shocks all around.
Factory springs are installed (all suspension is factory).
I have crawled under the car and looked for loose fittings.
I have double checked all the bolts/nuts that I had off for the shocks.
I have tighted the strut housing nut (holds strut in housing).
Top nut on shock is tight.
Both wheels do it the same.
Car drives straight down the road (recent alignment).
Rear upper shock mounts were replaced with shocks.
Pushing on the front fendors the car responds as it should, smooth and responsive.
New Toyo Proxy TPT tires.

Almost seems like something isn't right with the front to back motion of the front suspension (which should be almost zero movement). The up and down is smooth.

One question: Besides getting a shimmy at 50mph (which I haven't noticed), what is the symptom of bushings wearing out?

I would like to hear your best guess on what my problem is. Thanks