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Thread: E34 550i

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    That car really needs blacked out kidney grills.
    1990 BMW 535i 5 speed - Black on Grey, LSD

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    I love it, the paint's really nice. I don't think the wheels are too big, I want 19's next for my car. 17's just look too small these days. apart from the usual things like rolling the inner arches and stuff like that is there any other major surgery required to fit them on?

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    I was in the show yesterday, the car is really awesome. Not to mention it was quite nice before this upgrade. It's actually a everyday-use car, not built for shows despite of the massive Alpinas.

    The reason for the M70 instead of M60 is that the M70 is a full engine (M60 is missing some cylinders ) and the owner is planning to stroke the engine, he already has a manual 6-speed gearbox in sight and and and... we'll see.

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