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06-12-2022, 02:13 AM
Technical Information Sheet no. 5 https://web.archive.org/web/20190615005228/https://www.pim-engineering.com/tiedostot/TI05_e.pdf

This brochure explains how you can repair or totally replace ignition lead sets reliably and professionally with the help of the Beru ZAZ 3 workshop range. The range enables workshops for the very first time to employ the same attachment techniques used as standard in mass manufacture.

Page 11 shows pics + instructions / tips when installing in BMW with pulse timer/cylinder identification sensor/donut for the 4 or 6 cylinder versions

On 4 cylinder engines an induction timer is fitted to the ignition cable of the 4th cylinder, on 6 cylinder engines this is fitted to the ignition cable of the 6th cylinder. When replacing cables, save the time-consuming and costly work of refitting an ignition cable with a built-in pulse timer. Your customer will be grateful to you for the roughly thirty pounds he saves.
Just remove the defective cable only.
Unscrew the ignition distributor plug on the new Copper Cable (spray with Beru installation oil).
Drill 8 mm hole on the pulse timer (turn drill by hand).
The ignition cable with the M3 connection can now be pushed through the pulse timer.
Now lubricate the ignition cable with installation oil.
Finally, screw on the ignition distributor connector of the Copper Cable.