View Full Version : E24 Blower motor and Squirrel Cage

12-25-2019, 02:45 PM
Hi All - I had to replace my blower motor transistor and the blower motor in my '87. I tried to repair the resistor myself and had no success. Also, the motor was siezed so I bought a new one without the squirrel cage assembly. So my question is how do I get the plastic blower fins off the old motor and onto the new one?

Thanks for the help/ideas!

01-05-2020, 10:40 PM
That is a very difficult job, I have tried it on the blower motor of my E32 750, but the cages were so brittle and cracked. On my website below there is a write up under Fixes - Climate systems, a pdf with pics.
Remove your old blower cages by twisting them in opposite directions, one will twist off gradually by twisting back and forth. The other can be removed in the same manner but now holding the opposite bare shaft with a locking plier. The cages will press on the shafts of the new motor with a soft mallet striking the hub area, once it's flush use a pipe over the shaft that fits on the hub.

01-06-2020, 05:15 PM
Thanks to Shoguns pointers I was able to make quick work of this project. I have a shrink wrap tubing heater I used to put a directed stream of hot air at the point where the metal shaft meets the plastic.

Twisting the cages in opposite directions and pulling gently I was able to remove the plastic fan easily. Once one was removed I used vise grips to twist the other one off after heating.

I reinstalled the motor and tested the unit. It was rubbing a little and after adjustment it was out of balance. I noticed the outer edge of the fan has several locations with dots of plastic just like a wheel weight. SO, I grabbed the fans and did 1/4 rotations until it was in balance.

I have heat again and can hardly wait for the snow!!